Solving skills, e-cigarette leakage, and new friends to collect!

Today, received a novice e-cigarettes friend to ask to do “” electronic smoke leakage, and general response in the face of such problems is not satisfactory, after all, different oil spill situation have different solution, let’s look at the @ vapeciga WeChat group of the guys how great god is action. Behind small make up, of course, will be continued for everyone on the different problem solving skills.

So, in addition to the above the oil situation, what is known as the oil?Under normal circumstances, the liquid smoke never normal outflow channels, such as glass by atomization storehouse lateral, cloud bottom seat, such as cigarette holder lateral abnormal channel leakage, belong to the scope of the spill.Otherwise things will be mistaken for a leak, the smoke in the fluid inlet conditions.But the situation of oil in the occasionally inhaled smoke cigarette holder mouth does not belong to leak phenomenon, this is usually gathered steam atomizing  condenses water, solution: cigarette holder down throw legacy liquid, then with a paper towel to twist into a rope into rotation is wiped dry.No, again change atomization core solution directly. This usually out on a novice, many for the first time to use e-cigarettes don’t know how to control the e-cigarette is easy to cause the suction mouth smoke fluid, the same e-cigarette veteran with very few appear this situation. By true smoke into the e-cigarette is a coaches in private cars, with speed of the throttle and didn’t bring speed conversion between the throttle, attention should be paid to the strength of the foot, the various factors, need time to adapt, to understand e-cigarettes.Bole and swift horse, is a kind of wrong, in fact the two are at the same time some, but need time to the tacit understanding. Do not meet the normal phenomenon of surprise for oil spills, the real oil spill isn’t such a leak.

So, how to solve the “electronic smoke oil?”

1, in use, the use of e-cigarettes correct posture to battery rod end downward sloping, and cannot become warped up smoking!

2, plus smoke fluid and to 1.3 ML is the best, the highest never 1.6 ML (electronic smoke cabin on a scale)

3, such as this way no problem, change to show the core solution. Reason is that the individual atomization core rope carefully, lead to too fast into the smoke fluid, change namelyCan be.

4, smoke fluid from Canada at method’s wrong from the beginning to the end, didn’t see smoke fluid video demo.

5, in the end, there is a situation is: some people unscrew battery pole, not holding e-cigarettes in the middle of the metal threaded screw, but seize the atomizer glass capsule twist, lead to the atomizer glass between warehouse and thread be turned on or after unscrewing to get hand oil .

Filaments is what? Several common fancy heat wire have?

Fancy heat wire is for ordinary fever wire, refers to by one or more heat wire produced by different ways of permutation and combination of heat wire. Fancy is to point to by fancy heat wire coil winding into the coil.

The characteristics of the fancy heat wire (coil) :

Fancy and heat wire coil is composed of many hot wire, so on the calorific value and the heating area is higher than that of ordinary heat wire or coil. while, for the taste and smoke these two aspects, different fancy coil has a different focus, such as common “clapton” to promote, while some complex compound fancy coil has a lot of improvement in terms of quantity of smoke, and carbon deposition can be repeatedly used after cleaning, longer life.

Fancy heat wire (coil) although the overall performance is superior to the ordinary coil, but due to the complexity of making comparison, the average user has the certain difficulty, it is difficult to homemade out specification of fancy fever wire, can only buy finished product use, convenient than ordinary heat wire.

Fancy heat wire size larger than normal heating silk, so on the choice of atomizer should match the atomizer of large space is used as far as possible, and, and because of its high calorific value, in the process of burning wire should pay attention to avoid high temperature melting atomizer insulation parts.

Common fancy heat wire (coil) usually has the following kinds:

  • Hank knotting.

By two or more heat wire twisted and become, can produce greater than single with the specifications of the heating wire smoke and more full-bodied palate, but according to the different heat of twisted silk produce all kinds of unexpected results.

Features: compared with the single heat wire resistance are lower, and cotton in the joint area is larger, the evaporation capacity of per unit time is higher, can make smoke more full, more rich, administrative levels feeling of the reserve is relatively good. The method that make is very simple, the player can be made by hand completely.

  • clapton fever wire.

By one or more heating wire as the inner core, external loose or tightly wound around root or more single of heating wire spring fever wire, fever is relatively slow, high heat, can increase the size and concentration degree of smoke. Fancy one of the basic techniques of heat wire.

Features: compared with the ordinary heat wire resistance difference is not big, strong sense of smoke particles, the palate is full, reduction and administrative levels feeling is good, shortcomings is the heating speed is relatively slow, need to increase the output voltage to increase the speed of temperature.

  • composite heat wire.

fancy by fever wire, or bending or wrapped or twisted or braided and add a variety of manual techniques of complex, in the form of fancy fever wire, clapton variations of heat wire.

Fancy heat wire usually have low resistance, large heating area, great heat. Composite design usually have very low resistance of heat wire, please players use carefully, and the width of the part of the composite heat wire fancy is very terror, can reach more than 2.4 mm, please make sure your atomizer wire lock hole can insert again to buy.

Filaments is above is about what? Common fancy hot wire several related introduction, this over here, this is filaments interpretation and classification of the word explanation, then we will also continue to various VAPE nouns parsing, welcome continuous attention!

The three stages of electronic cigarette atomizer is outlined

Quickly describes the three stages of the vapor cigarette atomizer: cloud is considered to be the innovation of the existing period, yet what’s interesting is their background can be traced back to hundreds of years ago.While you can locate on the web or store a range of sizes and shapes of the atomizer, but did not like this. Early atomizer is really simple, easy to toss the cannabis seeds in the heated stones. Based upon precursors on the basis of the failure and success of modern atomizer, based upon sophisticated modern technology, can allow you in numerous means specific customized e cigarette experience.
The 3 stages of the smokeless cigarettes atomizer– earlyAlthough the hookah is made use of to smoking cigarette, as opposed to marijuana, but is thought about to be a procedure towards cannabis atomizer. Hookah is by irfan sheikh mughal akbar I (A.D. 1542-1605) designed by a medical professional. Lots of people think that this is the initial in the background of atomizer.But, referred to as the “dad of history” of the Greek chronicler Herodotus has been pointed out as early as 500 BC the heavy steam. Is from “Herodotus history” in the paragraph listed below, below, Herodotus spoke about the Thai individuals’s habit, they are residing in Iran Eurasian wanderers, a big team now reside in southern Russia.Thai people, as I stated, get suitable quantity of this hemp seeds, and then felt down in the past, threw it right into the red-hot rocks; Instantly they smoke cannabis seeds, sauna and also release no Greece can greater than right now of the steam, Thai people will celebrate for joyAlthough Herodotus then mentioned they mostly make use of the steam to take a bath, due to the fact that they do not make use of water, nevertheless, he also mentioned an additional instance, inhalation of smoke cannabis seeds to numb. This is the earliest marijuana in the evaporation to a record.

The three stages of the electronic cigarette JiHuaQi———- 1900-2000In 1927, Joseph Robinson put forward the principle of smokeless tobacco, as well as got the very first in the USA license as well as hallmark workplace machinery butane reveal it’s licenses. In 1960, A south Korean veterans Herbert a. gilbert developed the contemporary smokeless cigarettes, even the most latest atomizer is based on practically the very same layout. But state contemporary cannabis atomizer, igor costs amato is leader, is also considered the daddy of cannabis atomizer.With its remarkable innovation, in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, western seed Banks of hash gallery, amato ten years are the most preferred exhibitors. In informing his tale, he claimed that in the early 90 s, he began with the idea of electronic cigarettes is affected by a California farmers, the farmers utilize a weird warmth gun to vaporize and also fragrant blossoms. Amato’s largest success is a telephone call “Shake as well as Vape” atomizer. Based on the ancient approach of vapor, it is a glass tube with a glass dish atomizer, with the typical small lighter at the end of the home heating, yet the seeds have no straight call with the fire.
The 3 phases of the electronic cigarettes atomizer———- – 2000 years laterThe start of the 21st century marks the individual marijuana atomizer into the brand-new era. At first, large atomizers were presented. Among them is the Volcano Storz & Bickeld business, the various other is a Ubie, both are still in operation. The function of the two really different, Ubie is composed of 2 little tube, a having dried out natural herbs, with a small cigarette lighter heating, as well as users in one more tubular heavy steam inhalation. The Volcano, it is a substantial atomizers.Some smokeless cigarette brand name now provide innovative completely dry natural herbs devices, such as the dried out herbs MigVapor haze machine.After the 21st century, with modern-day technology as well as the emergence and also growth of a lot more powerful batteries, currently with hundreds of brands and thousands of products. Personal background of atomizer is controversial, however modern as well as effective atomizer is credited to the atomizer played a role in the procedure of every one of us, particularly in the late bill amato payment.

The 3 stages of the digital cigarettes atomizer– earlyAlthough the hookah is used to smoking cigarette, instead than cannabis, however is considered to be a procedure in the direction of marijuana atomizer. The three stages of the electronic cigarettes atomizer———- – 2000 years laterThe beginning of the 21st century marks the personal cannabis atomizer right into the brand-new era. Personal history of atomizer is controversial, yet contemporary and effective atomizer is connected to the atomizer played a role in the process of every one of us, specifically in the late bill amato contribution.

Inventory 10 big smoke finished atomizer

Terrific great smoky droplets of oil atomizer that ended up being popular in Europe and also the us afterwards large heavy smoke finished it kind of like a blowout, from the earliest of Atlantis · di to tank MINI, hot air, the frozen, the GT – 2 s, orchid collection, silver fang eyes atomizer, west wind god atomizer, and more and so on. Due to the big smoke finished atomizer procedure straightforward, do without the trouble that players manual production atomization core, as well as steady performance, basic structure, easy to clean and also eliminate wait for a factor, it is very popular amongst newbie gamers.
Identical to the cable size 0.5 316 stainless steel atomizing core with big traffic brought massive smoke effect.Big smoke completed atomizer, Reaper Plus (reapers +) cloudWithin the atomizer storehouse adopted an advanced style concept, is controlled feed button, by rotating the base, which can realize the switch feature of feed. At the top of the inlet as well as the leading oil injection hole, by rotating when loading on the roof covering top and also a somewhat, can open up the top oil port, at common times is shut here.Big smoke completed atomizer– mo contain Wel (3 shotgun) atomizerSmowell within the atomizer take a 3 atomization core, established with a RBA atomization core, a single-shot atomization core of the finished item. The atomizer in the use of three hair spray core inlet opening at the base of the basic later to half has little effect, air inlet at the bottom of the atomizing core dimension determines the quantity can only go so much.
Huge smoke completed atomizer– APROS KitTa Tank tower atomizerTower atomizer with two core products as well as a set of RTA base, complete accessories, can be completed item can be DIY, dismantling of atomizer is very straightforward, every element, have do enhance the rubbing of concave as well as convex handling. As a leading oil atomizer, hull component still can dismantle, very easy to clean. Extra however trickle nozzle component of the atomizer really did not do heat insulation and also warm treatment.

Large smoke completed atomizer———- vape comexx Temotank atomizer

The atomizer in overall with 2 snow core, a cloud core power mode, 0.252 a 0.152 N1200 temperature level atomizing core. Flue interlayer with anti frying oil inside, so the atomizer nearly will not show up the frying oil.Big smoke finished atomizer PLEASURE Goodger atomizer experienceThe atomizer base sealing is rather good, it is practically difficult to take place the spill, as well as so on as well as so forth. Hidden underneath the top inlet oil mouth, draw to pull open the cover up oil hole, o-ring seal some troubles, lead to roofing system can not return.Big smoke finished haze cloud – the avengers kiss itThe atomizer drip nozzle components set up in the frying oil web, as well as likewise geared up with air inlet, open as well as close can be readjusted by the top silicone, can properly minimize the smoke temperature level.
Big smoke ended up cloud – storm atomizerThe atomizer using aluminum box product packaging, atomizer belongs to the joker kind look, furnished with three production atomization core, respectively is 0.152 NI200 12 core voltage regulator, temperature control core, 0.5 Q2 large smoke core voltage regulatory authority. The atomizer is geared up with a leading insulation cover, top cover, the mouth drops, and also reservoir effectively solved for a long time when drawing atomizer warm issues.

At the top of the inlet and the top oil injection hole, by revolving when filling up on the roofing system top and a somewhat, can open the leading oil port, at average times is closed here.Big smoke completed atomizer– mo consist of Wel (3 shotgun) atomizerSmowell within the atomizer take a 3 atomization core, established with a RBA atomization core, a single-shot atomization core of the completed product. Large smoke finished atomizer– APROS KitTa Tank tower atomizerTower atomizer with two core products as well as a collection of RTA base, total devices, can be finished item can be Do It Yourself, dismantling of atomizer is very straightforward, every part, have do enhance the friction of concave and also convex processing. Flue interlayer with anti frying oil inside, so the atomizer nearly will not show up the frying oil.Big smoke completed atomizer HAPPINESS Goodger atomizer experienceThe atomizer base sealing is quite good, it is almost impossible to happen the spill, as well as so on as well as so forth. Huge smoke completed cloud – tornado atomizerThe atomizer making use of light weight aluminum box packaging, atomizer belongs to the joker kind appearance, outfitted with 3 production atomization core, specifically is 0.152 NI200 12 core voltage regulator, temperature control core, 0.5 Q2 big smoke core voltage regulator.

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to have a taste or want to smoke?

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to possess a taste or want to smoke? Today I tell you under g dish peng mini core principles of matching cloud, “a lot of individuals within the use of g dish peng mini host, then know that clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer, is to settle on the taste or smoke? This problem is worth our consideration, now take a glance at clay peng mini matching atomizer core principles.

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to possess a taste or want to smoke? Mr Peng mini matching atomizer the core principles of checking out for you.

With the clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer, you’ll choose the taste and smoke, so now take a glance at the detailed g dish peng mini matching atomizer core principles.Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to smoke or to taste?Great smog of clay peng mini matching atomizer.Type not just taste it, the large smoke atomizer, clay peng mini still are often done easily. Subtank mini cloud: 0.5 ohm resistance atomization core, with 30 w, smoke quantity Kevin! Or Atlantis atomizer: 0.5 ohm resistance atomizing core, 30 w.
Of course, when electricity isn’t much, the smoke volume are going to be smaller. That’s why you usually doubt installed atomizer, smoke smoke is inferior to others within the same atomizer big? 0.1 w – you’ll adjust this point , allow you to find their own taste, every 0.1, the regulation of the smoke and taste have slight differences, does one it might be easier to seek out their own part .

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer “taste type”

Struggle with players do not know the way to matching atomizer, it’s recommended to use nautilus mini zero, the atomizer in ensuring the taste more adapter box at an equivalent time, with Mr Peng mini may be a piece of my heart, in my hand is additionally very beautiful, the novice is suggested .
Nautilus atomizer: 1.6 ohm resistance, 9-13 w, or 1.8 ohms E value, 11-15 wd is preferred;Also can match k4:1.3 ohm resistance atomization core, 10 to 13 w taste good too!Above is that the clay peng mini matching atomizer the core principles of taste or smoke related introduction, clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer is here, hope this clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer article bring help to you.

Review for Dovpo : box vv mods squonk vape basium 230w topside dual

Dovpo and Sam, Bogan Vaping worked together to give you BLOTTO RTA. It is a very aesthetic RTA that gives a limited pulmonary blow with a lot of flavor.

The vapeciga vv mods is a RTO of 25.6 mm equipped with a straight vessel and two bubble tanks, a glass and an ULTEM. The right crystal welcomes 2 ml, while the bubble tank can accommodate 6 ml. DOVPO uses what they call “double diffusion double” for a soft circulation. This is the lower air flow with an orifice orifice style, where the air passes through the lower part of the bridge and around the side, it gives 242 ° the air flow that refers to its rolls.

MyVPRO sends Vaping360 The Blotto RTA for free for its reviews. Author This review had already purchased its own device.

Price: $ 31.95 (on MyVPro)
Color: Black, Silver, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Green, Purple, Rose Resistance

25.6 mm.
2 ml of standard capacity
Capacity of the 6 ml bubble tank (glass and ultra-uterine).
304 Stainless steel construction
Threaded content.
Two positions.
Cover of quadruple construction
The upper side through the platform screw.
PEI insulator.
Simple or double coil configuration.
Cut the air with bridge bridge bridges.
Dual Bidific Air Flow at 52 ° – 26 holes per side
Threaded connection 510.

Content kit.
Blotto RTA.
Glass bubble.
Bubble of Glass Ultem.
Bag accessories
Bottle opener
Build quality and design

Vapeciga squonk vape is a high quality RTA. It is just a machine, since I expected Dovpo and tolerance to the O-ring is perfect. Many reviews do not complain about not to open the bridge when it has liquids inside the tank because the glass does not stay in the ring, but I see that the Sam video does that. Then, I tried and it worked. Be slow and do not touch and that will remain active. In fact, I did it all the time now, and not yet. I took it because it could be a problem for some people.

It measures 25.6 mm at the base and measures less than 43 mm without drop dropwise. The fireplace is 19 mm and has a gradual dome at the top that falls to 8 mm. It comes with a beautiful tip dropwise in two rooms with metal tape that corresponds to the color of the RTA. He reminded him of the recent Helllvape drip tip, only they were not antimicrobials and only arrived opaque or Ultém.

RTA is quite easy and easy to use. Close the fast content of the version requires a room to open or close. The team is what makes it aesthetic, in my opinion, because it looks like a bottle. And there are measures in the air flow rings to match. This is Sam’s idea, of course. Under content content, two large kidney containers are approximately 3.5 mm x 11 mm.

In the package, straight glass has a capacity of 2 ml, but I can contain 3 ml. When checking the glass of bubbles, it is 6 ml of precision. I think they have registered a glass recorded as a capacity of 2 ml to meet the requirements of the TPD of the European Union, but I feel happy that it remains more, because I think it seems really better than “a glass of bubbles, even if it seems The final bubble corresponds to the tip of the drops,

Wake up the bridge and the wick

Show new dovpo basium squonk has a post-less floating bridge with the grub with tray screw on the side. The screw of Hailles tends to scratch if it has a good screwdriver. They understand the tri-tool in the bag, but if you have a good screwdriver with Flathead, I would recommend using one of them.


RTA has a 19 mm stainless steel construction bridge. The postal hole is around 2.5 mm in diameter, with space between 11 mm. Because publications are divided, if you will run a coil, you must use the hole back on the same side. If you try to use a hole on each side of the bridge, you will pass positively positive or vice versa. This is very important, so don’t forget it.

The room you need is a little narrowed because of the air flow design 242 °. I started with a double construction with 3 mm rollers. I found them almost in the middle, with one millimeter for backup. If you use double double, I suggest using 2.5 mm. This will give you more space and it will also give you a small air flow.

This package is equipped with a head-shaped appetizer in the form of a skull which also functions as a coil measuring instrument. When the coil tool is used, it will cut the cable to 5 mm. This is too long. If you have a coil tool, I suggest cutting it to 4.5 mm if you use 2.5 mm or 3 mm displacement.

From there, it’s quite easy, unless you can’t straighten the first roll before installing the second because the room is narrow. Once they are tightened and placed in the place they want, it is time to remove the hotpot and start to flee.


The best way to stop this RTA for delicious wet vapor that will remain without dry shots is not too tight from your cotton and provides a good comb.

This dovpo 230w get code has a floating bridge, which means that it can technically cut its cotton to cover only the juice feeding hole and be good. But a problem with this method is if you leave it to let go or hit it, cotton can leave the square and flee. Cut long enough so you can place the tip in the hole and understand only one or two millimeters through the bottom. This will help keep it.

The juice bait hole is a sufficient knowledge and allows good capillary actions through the axis. I did not dry up and I did not have a flight at all. This is really an easy RTA for Axis and will have it in a short time.

Air flow

As I said before, DOVPO uses what they call “double diffusion diffusion” for soft circulation. I guess it refers to a radius of 242 ° around the coil that passes to closed air that passes two side poles, or perhaps it is also that the style of the 52 holes hebah is in the type of flow control control Of Air “Propagation”. Everything is pretty soft, but really limited, even with a coil. This is for steam that is like a truly limited pulmonary blow. I want this to have a small flow of air, but it gives an extraordinary feeling.

To adjust the air flow, enough to change the air flow control ring to the lower part of RTA. It is slowly without being too loose or too tight. There are stoppers and stops completely open and completely closed.

Dovpo Blotto surrender

In addition to the limited air flow, it is a very delicious vape. I have the feeling of a feeling of a better double role than the coil. I use the tri-core N80 light that is combined with a diameter of 2.5 mm with 5 packages and seems to be the best of the configuration I tried. This is one of the wet steam that gives you lips later. This reminds me of RDA’s profile, this is not that it is not a mesh and has a stricter lottery.

In addition to the flavor, I realize that the flow of air is very soft. It is finer than the air flow in most of the topside dual mod click in that has a wider and more open lottery. There is no turbulence at all and I think the air flow of air nests has something to do with that.

I will also repeat that I’m not fled at all. With a floating bridge and a lower air flow, there is always the ability to flee, but when it happens, usually due to lack of experience. However, I even believe with beginner users who have no problem with this RTA.

Professional accountant
High quality construction.
High liquid capacity
Tank ultem and glass bubbles.
Beautiful two-piece dripped peaks
Close the contents of the fast version.
Large renal fill port
Soft and muffler hit the lungs.
Air flow 242 ° directly to the coil.
Bee-style bee air flow.
Easy evacuation
The good taste
Do not come with rollers
The pieces of the coil lead too much time.
The glass may appear when you delete the bridge.
The maximum airflow may be more.

Blotto Dovpo is a solid RTA. It is really implemented, producing good taste and it is not difficult to build. The machine is good and the Utensa are soft soft. It was quite disappointed that there is no reel included, because almost all the reconstructions came with rollers at that time. I think there should be an embedded crisis, but it’s not a breaker of the condenser in any way. I also hope that the flow of air can open a little more, but it is a personal preference. If you enjoy the lungs limited to RTA and build high quality quality on your priority list, it can adapt to you.

You can buy here:dovpo box

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Review about Captain IJOY Pod mercury jupiter Vape shogun Diamond Bae

Vapeciga Captain IJOY come in various colors.

– Rainbow Mirror
– Black Mirror
– Green Mirror
– Gold Mirror
– Violet Mirror
– gunmetal Mirror
– Mirror Art
– Black Mirror
– Red Mirror
– blue morror
– Orange Mirror


Baby vengeful IJOY MOD

– Size: 66 x 48 x 34 mm
– Maximum power: 108W
– Output Mode: VW / VT (Ni / Ti / SS) / Fashion TCR
– Resistance Range: 0:05 – 3.0ohm
– Voice control system: English
– Battery Type: 2 x 20350 batteries (included)
– Double Battery Capacity: 2800mAh
– Topic: About 510

Baby diamond IJOY tank

– Size: 52.7 x 22.5 mm
– Capacity: 2 ml (TPD Version) / 4 ml (standard)
– the coil: the DMB-mesh 0.18ohm coil (preinstalled 40-80W)
coil 0.15ohm DMB-DM (40-80W)
– Advanced resin drops 510 Tip drip
– Subject: 510


– Dual battery power 108W 20 350 Max
– the smallest voice control TC 108W MOD in the market for e-cig
– an innovative voice control system
– RBG LED adjustable light button
– Large 1.3-inch OLED color screen
– The only way that the custom user
– Firmware Update
– There is nothing wrong with the tank 30 mm
– 180 ° Quick charge with a screw cap 2 ml / 4-E capacity juice ml
– Mesh DMB DMB new coil and coil DM adamantine
– adjustable air flow

In the box:

– Security IJOY MOD Avenger baby
– 2 x 20350 batteries
– 4 ml reservoir baby diamond
– DMB-Mesh 0.18ohm coil (40-80W preinstalled)
– DMB-DM 0.15ohm coil (40-80W)
– The changes in the glass tube (2 ml)
– USB cable
– Free
– Warranty Card

Vapeciga Pod IJOY mercury is available in several different colors. I received this black tank, tank baby diamond diameter is 22.5 mm, the height is 52.7mm. The build quality is good, no quality problems. We could see the sculpture atoizer, at the bottom, you can see engraved “Designed by IJOY” and “Diamonds baby tank” on the upper deck, you can see engraved “IJOY” and diamond engravings. Below the foregoing limit, you can see some details and details of the same diamond ring control airflow.

Diamond baby is beautiful tank with a drop of resin base 510 is very pretty at the top of the tank in my opinion. You can also use your own advice 510 drops here without any problems. dropwise tip almost comfortable use. The tip diameter drop was 13 mm, the tip diameter of the droplets is 8 mm.

This is a filler spray top and can remove the top cover is very easy, you just need a turn and that is, you can fill the tank without problems, two details engraved on the top deck helps a lot when you want to open the top cover . Capital letter output, you can see a huge hole for liquid mail, so probably not be a problem, even with a large bottle. To fill more enjoyable.

Baby diamond comes with bubble glass tank, this tank has a capacity of 4 ml, which is very good for a small atomiser. glass bubbles colored tanks perhaps can view photos. receive spray using ordinary glass tank in the package, the ability of the ordinary glass tank was 2 ml. I use a glass bubble because I like how it looks and I like the ability.

With the tank Diamond receive two different rolls, which comes pre-installed with DMB – M5 coil, coil copy security receives DMB – DM. The second coil is a coil, the resistance of the mesh recommended for DMB – M5 is 40-80 watts coil, the coil resistance is 0.18ohm, the DMB recommended concentration – DM coil is 40-80 watts and resistance 0.15 ohm coil.
As always, before the tank needs coil privileged with a few drops of liquid can fill E then immediately and prevent Snap tank and spray.
You can also use a little more of the rollers:

DMB – coil C1, the coil resistance 0.3ohm, force is suggested 35-70W
DMB – coil C2, the coil resistance 0.2ohm, force is suggested 40-80w
DMB – MS coil, the coil resistance 0.18ohm is proposed 40-80w

More in the field where you have to press the battery is good and you can change the coil without any problems. The bottom of the tank, you can see the gold over 510 pins is also good here.

Basically, you can see the control ring in the ring airflow and the airflow can see two ventilation holes. ring airflow is perfectly Pod IJOY jupiter show new and can adjust the air flow evenly, which sit on one side, which is the same on the other side.

How does this work tank:

It is very simple tank sub-ohm, which I like. It is very easy to use, easy to fill the tank is easy to alter the atomization coil or removed for cleaning. I like drip tip looks great in my opinion. good build quality, no sharp or bad engine. The coil has worked well without rap, no leakage, for example, using a 70-30 pg and liquid. taste good enough to tank sub-ohm, steam production is good too.
I have no problem with the coil, both M5 and dm work very well, but I like a more comfortable coil M5. DM coil is longer, but it tastes better when the coils are used M5, at least that’s my opinion, you might want to coil DM ago. Anyway, this is also built under ohm deposit and it worked well, so I can not pick anything wrong.

To activate it you must click five times on the fire button and turn it off, you have to click the shutter button 5 times. When the screen, you will see the version of the firmware, but when it feeds on the display mode, see:

– Power
– against coup
– Heat
– coil resistance
– Volt
– double battery indicator

To enter the menu you must click 3 times on the shutter button, it takes a look at the menu:

– Supply Mode
– Pod Mode
– climate control
– Together

To move, you will use more and less button and enter the Vape IJOY shogun click in, use the shutter button. In the power mode, heat can be adjusted before and can be chosen to fresh, normal and hard preheating. If you choose regular pre heat still provide warmth before and will go to the point of power. It could be a disadvantage for some people, so quickly, but the fire, which could be a disadvantage for someone who wants to use it without her.

If you choose the sheath, which is here to adjust the power output in volts, which is a very good choice and I like it could be between 2.5V-3.8V adjsut it.
If you choose the LED on the menu, you can choose the color of the LED lights and you can choose between modes of noise red, green, blue and white color colorful ,,. Sound mode is an interesting choice of light. So if you want your lights LED MOD, you can play with and choose what seems best for you if you do not like, you can always disable the selection of the LED lamp.
Then came the TC mode, here it is, IT, SS, M1, M2. Next TCR menu and is the preferred game. Then you can restore breath to blow remember this device even when the battery is removed, but the counter is reset when the blow pressure blow 9999. You can also set the screen, so you have a couple of options, 30, 60, 90, 120 s. Finally, you can do here is to activate voice commands or Off. Given that voice commands are the main features of this mod, I will write comands voice here. Anyway, the voice control function can be very attractive to someone. Therefore, when you want to use voice commands to say “hello IJOY” and you will see a microphone at the bottom of the screen. Here we have a sound control in earlier protests.

Voice commands:

– Hello IJOY
– Soft Mode
– Normal mode
– Hard Mode
– Locking Tool
– Turn on the device
– High voltage
– Twenty watts
– Thirty watts
– Forty Watt
– Fifty watts
– The sixty watts
– Seventy watt
– Eighty watts
– Eighty watts
– Low battery
– Auto watts
– Turn on the lights
– Light music
– light

I not used this option, but it may interest you. I tried IJOY Diamond Bae get code and works well, but if this option is used, must be in a quiet environment, otherwise do not understand.

You can also lock the device by pressing the plus and minus buttons, similar to the output.

How unborn baby mod:

Let me start with the battery, the new battery, I can not find much information about the battery, the battery, said 25A and 1400mAh. Because I want VAPE over MTL dl, I tested the battery with the coil 12w 1.15ohm struck 2.5-3s average. This means that approximately 460 flashes to indicate when mod indicates that the battery is empty.
the model’s build quality is good, works well and I use it every day without any problem, all you can interrupt a cousin before normal warm person if a shot is regularly adjusted before your new give you warm attachment and hope with updates,
better voice control, which is great if you want to control the use of sound, may be helpful for you. lights also leads here, we would like LED lights, not a person, but can be disabled if they do not like.
It is a very short mod and I felt very comfortable in the hand, I think the shutter button in the right position and I love it.
I love how the appearance of the machine basically works well, the monitoring works great voice and recommend this mod for people who want to try a voice command for you.

You can buy here:IJOYl

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Comment with Lost Vape Orion Pod: Pod System 950mAh 2ml

The vapeciga lost vape orion vaporizer lost Orion is one of the newest and Pod Kit lost the first Vape best known manufacturers. Also recently launched Orion Q is a cheaper alternative and has a DNA chip GB therein. Vape needed is more popular for their mods with DNA chips made some great mods like um, Therion, triads, mods paranormal series. Orion is a system of rectangular style Pod AIO with 950mAh battery and an integrated fashion own DNA Easily customizable system pod richer in features in the market. It is available in lots of colors.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Rechargeable 950mAh | ~ 450 puffs per charge

Go Advanced DNA Council
Watt maximum output: 40W
Repeat Function – green light
Three power outputs: Low (White), Medium (blue), high (red)
Intuitive LED lighting – Appropriate feedback mode
Pull very sensitive and adaptable button
3ml cartridge refills pod design
Each sheath around 400 strokes through the sheath
Installation of the cartridge Pod property
Orion SS316L 0.25ohm Pod – steam driven
SS316L 0.5ohm coil Pod – concentrated flavor
MTL Delrin Drip Tip
two adjustable flow – Far below the tip of drip
Micro USB – charging ports and firmware via written
Protection against short -Circuit
Low Battery Protection
the temperature protection
protected / high resistance
Frame Color – White, Black, Blue, gold frame
color panel – carbon fiber, the Golden Ocean St. Jacques abalone
Included in the box (complete kit version)
1 missing vape DNA Orion Go
1 Orion lack Longe Spray
Micro USB cable 1
Training Manual 1
2 SS316L sheaths
1 pods SS316L
Highlights Reel
SS316L of 0.25ohm
SS316L of 0.5ohm

The lost vape orion show new is a rectangular style AIO (all in one) Kit pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, and the coil itself is in the boat and has not changed as much as zero Renova or Innokin EQ. It is small enough and all things considered in relation to suck an increase in the height and width convenient, but a little thinner. There are settings cold air above.

Orion is very well built and feels solid and very light. the color is also very nice. Having a dark fiber red and black solid carbon is not brilliant, but not boring, a little in the middle and no signs of wear. Carbon fiber is also very good. Personally, if Abalone better design.

The sheath itself is easy to complete. It comes with an empty capsule. Pods attached to the battery clip into the system and easy to enter and exit and thus settle there’s a very good job and are well suited to any movement or play. To release the cover simply slide the hooks on the trigger. For the return, you must put back in the corner of the first. To fill a small metal cap where you have to open the lid of a beautiful texture for better grip. If you have been there and easy to complete. vacuum filling is also very important for the pod system.

As the DNA chip is highly lost vape orion click in through writes software by connecting your computer. So let’s talk about getting out of the box settings. This mod has two modes of MTL and mode of DTL. By default, the reading device and any resistance of 0.2 ohms to 0.39 ohms operate DTL guide (pods 0.25 ohm SS) and all of 0.4 ohms to 0.71 ohms with a way March MTL ( 0.5 ohms with teeth SS) each mode has three options depending on the color of the LED, which is displaceable with the “mode” under white LED preset MTL 8W, 10W 11 watt red, white mode DTL 11 watts 13 watt 15 watt blue and red.

There is a nice easy to see the bottom of the front above the mode button. It is a simple pinhole LED. This is when vaping or change mode so you can see how or to indicate charging and battery level. To check the click of the battery twice mode. It has 5 levels of the battery, which was very large. Meaning 95-100% blue, an average of 70-95% 30-70% green light means half yellow, red and 15-30% red flashing means less than 15%. pod is fully open and a window to see the color pods juice, but it is very easy to see the level of juice. I really wish companies would stop tinting pods so we can easily see the level of juice.

performance and details of the coil
Lost spray Orion Pod Kit comes with three reels. Remember, they also sell the device only pods that makes no sense, but I’m just reviewing the kit I received. All kits should always include two coils / pods, so happy they did because many of them are not looking. There are two options for this coil is 0.5 ohms and 0.25 ohms cloves SS SS. It comprises a 0.5 ohm and two coils of 0.25 ohms. Use the juice salt nic 70/30 50/50 20 mg of nicotine and the 3mg juice. the air flow is not really ready to MTL system.

his makes the juice lost vape orion get code, even with 50/50 and 70/30 evil with juice. I mainly using repetition and when protection kick hit dry and do not have many vaporizer have to unscrew the cap axle load. It was the only way I can use them and the three pods are the kind of destructive device for me.

color selection
2 ml capacity
The largest construction quality battery
This seems good
good paint job
gateway vaping
large battery for a nacelle
taste for monodosis system
Pods are easy to remove and install
good battery meter is easy to see
equipped with three coils
pod easy filling
level of specific load and the battery capacity
It costs quite fast (about one hour)
small cell size
the level of juice a little difficult to see because of the color of the pods
the price point for the device and the coil
The axis of the sheath is not very good and always vaporlock

So with all that said, I recommend this POD kit or not? I do not like it hard or not and it is very difficult to call. The device itself is quite fantastic. We get right to the single-dose CT system that works well and is very versatile.

You can buy here:lost vape orion

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Review of dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside

Vapeciga dovpo squonk of sourcemore received the purposes of this review.

– Bronze
– Rainbow
– Black
– The corrosion of iron

Specifications and features:

– Diameter: 25 mm
– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml (standard glass) / 6 ml (glass bubbles and bubble tubes)
– Coil Type: Single and double coil bobbin
– Charging method: Top filling
– air circulation system: low adjustable air flow
– Material: Stainless steel 304
– Subject: 510

– 242 ° air flow of inner coil great flavors right
– Support the double coil or single coil building
– Glass 2 ml and right 6 ml glass bubble
– a double diffusion delicate balance of air flow
– Easy filling Top Design
– Bottle opener included
– Available in 4 colors: black, silver, metal gun and rainbow

In the box:

– glass bubbles tube
– bubble tubes Ultem
– Accessory bag
– Manual
– Bottle opener

BLOTTO average atomizer is designed in collaboration between Dovpo and vaping Bogan. The spray comes in 4 different colors, I received black atomizer. Show new dovpo mvvr average is that can be used in a dual coil configuration, but you can also use this single coil configuration is that it is really good.

This package is good, in the package, receive ordinary glass tank and get a glass of bubbles and bubble tank Ultem really good. In the package, you also receive a bottle opener that you will be able to use to measure the length of the primary coil.
atomizer build quality is good and everything is as it should be, it seems both the quality of the color. In the upper eyelid, you can see some details that helps when you want to remove the top cover, the same details that we can see at the bottom, in the room can see the engraved logo and background you can see the information standard of the atomizer and serial number.

Atomizer comes with a drip edge 810 preinstalled. Personally, I really like the design of the drip, drip tip is short and has a big hole which I personally prefer. If you do not like this turn drip into the atomizer, you can use the other end of the 810 gently down.
This is the atomizer over the filling and here we have a locking system that well personally, all you have to do here is change a little hat, so you can remove it. In the upper eyelid, you can see the detail that helps when you want to remove the hat when the top cover is removed, you can see two holes large filling, so the spray will be unfilled problem is really good. In addition, filling syringes will not be a leak.

With the atomizer, you receive 3 tanks were really good. Therefore you receive regular glass tank and the tank capacity is 2 ml. In the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles, a glass and the other tank is a tank of Ultem. 6 ml capacity tank bubbles whose capacity is very good and I belive many bubbles will glass tank capacity, I prefer to use glass bubbles in the spray tank. My very good quality spray tank in place when the base so that the coil can be changed or cotton is removed, while still have the liquid left in the tank letter.

In the bridge, you can see the four screws and 4 slots for the child dovpo basium click in. The screws are good and I have no problems with screws. When you look at the construction of a bridge, you can see the design is very interesting and you can see the air flow is very interesting.

As you can see in the air strike coil atomizer almost everywhere, they are very tasteful. It is also good that creates a kind of air flow inside the honeycomb. Given the design of the construction of the bridge here, you can go with two coils or can go only with the coil, and what is important here is that the spray actually works very well in the configuration of a single coil.
media construction very easy, if you want to go with the two coils can be used corkscrew in the package to measure the wire coil and then be able to put a coil. If the two coils, I can suggest a 2.5 mm coil. As already said, the atomizer may be a single coil construction, in this case, I suggest that the coils of 3.5 mm.

Basically, you can see the air flow control ring and has honeycomb air flow is very good here. controlling the flow of air in the ring spray works very well and can easily adjust the airflow and set aside, it will be the same on the other side. Because the air flow into and out of the atomizer very subtle honeycomb air flow is very good, I really like the flow of air to the atomizer is.

Regarding performance, the use of a single coil and dual coil RTA RTA. I ran 5 based on it. Construction doubles ID 4mm round wire coil, 4 mm ID Coil unique construction of luxury, ID 3 mm double-coil construction, luxurious, luxurious 1 double-coil 2.5mm ID, construction and assembly of 3 mm round coil wire ID. RTA dual coil as flavorwise found less overall compared to many good people in the market today and even some older ones. It was good to wire around the building, but if the wireless towers use, but even so, it was surpassed by many others since. Where can I find this works better to build a large luxury single coil. Once again it was still not as good as in 2017 or even the selection aromamizer Lite FSA in 2019, but still better than many single-coil RTA 2018. Probably not the best, but it is one of the best options that you can find now. So overall, it was less like a double blow, but good for round wires, but as a single reel with the luxury of a single coil, I’m not as versatile as well.

This is dovpo nickel get code than the flow of air RTA 26 smaller round holes each side is on the air flow and the air flow in a style “ramp”. It is a vaporizer limited DTL is completely open. AFC, but despite much grip is my first complaint about the quality of the FSA.

It is always very difficult to solve and to start really stuck and would not change for me every time. Fortunately, I was stuck open, but still full. It should be easy to adjust and not so tight.

The top of the cap screw standard filling up to expose two hole filling. Not even a full wipe, a quarter turn to blow what I like. If it has done right there and easy to open and close. The holes are filled is full size and can be filled with any type of bottle or can simply pouring a glass bottle. There is also a series of accessories that come with it, unfortunately, is treated with a drop of clear finish despite opaque containers 810 with a metal tip. It looks good, but I hope that includes two ends and 510. However, the adapter must be good and a lot of 81- ends must take this ATR. It also comes with three 2 ml standard glass vessels and 6 ml glass bubbles, and glass bubble color 6ml Ultem. I like the third choice of the tank. They understand that replacing three odd O-ring. Overall, the figures obtained, but in this case, only the top of the cup, one for the background and one for the end of the droplets. some O-ring would be nice, 4 spare screws also display and filtering tools. It would be better if carried out in a cotton roll and good, but it is not a major problem and can also cause dizziness cut would be fine. Also included are bottles shaped skull beer Bogan open lol cause. bottle opener is not greater than the mouth is used to open a small bottle too thin, but I really am. As anyone who has used all types of emergencies, such as boxes opening and soaking and other bottles and caps lock you can not complain about too corkscrew.

How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:

And the average BLOTTO is atomizer that comes in this very interesting package is very good, which includes corkscrew and completely bubble that includes two tanks in the package, but the package does not receive the roll is against the construction of quality atomisation is very good, good machine and is not interested in a good atomizer.
Fall drop that comes with AVG BLOTTO very convenient to use. Top Fill works well here, filling a big hole and you will not have a problem with the bottle.
Tank capacity bubble is very good and a lot of willpower and a capacity of more than 6 ml good. Through simple construction, the two coils can be easily arranged here and coils easier. If you are with the two coils it can be used as a bottle opener in the package fun coil. As I said in my opinion sprayers dual coil configuration that works best with a coil of 2.5 mm and if you want to go with a single coil, I think it works very well with the coil of 3.5 mm. It is very important to correct the axis and if it does not always escape. The spray air flow is very good and really air flow, the flow of very thin air, also something I personally prefer limited.

This spray works very well in a vapeciga dovpo topside, but also works very well with a coil. Try the atomizer is excellent in both configurations. steam production wells and a dense steam.

And average BLOTTO is an atomizer that I recommend, especially if you like atomizers Limited little dl, I advised in this case, because the air flow is very smooth, good taste and the atomizer has a capacity which is very good and it is very robust. This is undoubtedly one of the best in my opinion atomizers.


– No coils in the package


– the reservoir 3 in the package
– Bottle opener
– Good build quality
– it works very well in a dual coil configuration and a single coil
– easy to build and shaft
– No leakage
– 6 ml capacity
– beautifully designed bridge
– airflow style honeycomb
– The good taste
– dense vapor
– Practice Tip
– You can change the coil when the liquid in the tank mail
– the conception of love I

You can buy here:dovpo

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Comment about smok vape atomizer nord coils rpm80 pro replacement podsmag mod trinity alpha coils nfix kit

Vapeciga smok nord coils come in several different colors:

– Blue red
– black Amarillo
– Red Black
– Silver Black
– Red Gold
– red
– 7 colors

In the package:

– Poison MOD
– Deposit TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition (5 ml)
– Basic Baby-Q2 V8 (double coil 0.4ohm) (pre-installed)
– Baby-T8 base V8 (0.15ohm eight rolls)
– replacement of the glass tube
– 6 pairs of colors O-ring
– USB Cable
– User Guide
– Bedroom
– Guarantee card
– Card Warning
– Beauty 2 rings

Poison mod Smok is very nice and clear device designed with a large baby looks edition tfv8 good atomizer. a very attractive design with a lot of detail, especially in these very different brands of devices mod. The most interesting thing is that the mod atomiser and we could see a lot of LED lights. It is even possible to change the color of the lights, but we’ll talk.

I received this kit in 7 colors, this is subjective, but I like the way it looks, of course, you can buy this product in different color options.

the build quality is very good, everything is as it should be. color quality is also very good, smok rpm80 pro replacement pods show new improved and so far I can not see a scratch on the mod or spray and use it every day at home and out of me, for now everything is fine.

Baby tfv8 atomizer is great, but a little different, this one is lighter and has brought this issue to light, so that when the spray shine spray. In the atomizer, which is led by a white light, but if you want to change the color of light that can be used or ring package and change. For example, if you replace the O-ring with blue, when a spray, aerosol blue light. The build quality is very good, very good yarn, and can not say anything about the poor quality of construction.

In addition there is a swing extreme atomizer with two O-ring on it. Council dripping excellent start. Dropwise real high point, the magnitude of the falling edge: height is 19 mm and 15 mm, I think it is convenient to use.

Sophisticated drops below, you can see the spray cap is filling up. High filling is very popular and very easy to use. All you need to do is to push the envelope and see the hole where the tank is filled, you can fill up very quickly, I loved it.
In the upper lid, you can look on the record “Smok” and can view details recorded unscrewing the cap support for changing the coil or for cleaning the sprayer.

Put fire and a very good base and clean. From the bottom of the base, you can see engraved “Designed by Smok”.

Generally, you will also receive two coils. A coil is smok mag mod click in core, coil resistance is 0.4ohm and this coil is installed, power is recommended for this coil 40-80w, but it would be better to use between 55-65w. Another coil that will receive the core package V8 baby-T8 and resistance of the coil is 0.15ohm the 50-110w force recommended to the coil, but it would be better to use between 60-80w.

Edition Tvf8 big baby light spray works very well, either by evacuation mail liquid (vg-pg 70-30), so there is no leakage, there is actually no problem with this atomizer at all. steam production is very good with this tank, you can definitely enjoy if you want to chase the clouds. It feels so good, can not say anything bad taste.

Poison mod Smok

This mod is a dual mod 18,650 and you can see the LED lights are beautiful and you can change the color of the light.


power range: 1-225w
Size: 86 mm x 47 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 180 g
Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW) /0.05-2.0ohm (TC)
Temperature range: 200F-600F / 100C-315C

Is shaped device is very nice and I like the way it feels in your hand.
At the top of the camera, you can see a gold plated spring pin 510. On the device, you can see many beautiful details and many LED lights, you can see two savory details engraved on one side you can see engraved “Smok” On the other hand you can view the record “Poison”.

In this device, you can see the USB port, you can use this USB port to charge the battery or upgrade the software. smok trinity alpha coils get code balance for charging, so you can charge your batteries here, but as usual, I suggest you use an external charger.

Smok Poison has a color screen is very large and beautiful, the screen size is 1 inch. The screen brightness is good and you can see everything very nice.

To activate the device, you must press the shutter button 5 times. After that, you will see “Smok” on the screen and you will see a version of the software.

When the device is active, appears on the screen:

– double battery indicator
– Power (W)
– voltage
– coil resistance
– hot
– against coup
– Time Hojaldre

Thus, on the screen, you will see a lot of information, and if you ask me, is all you need, I have to say I like the battery indicator on the screen.

When the shutter button is pressed three times the device will be on the menu and the menu can be seen:

– Mode settings
– Puff formation
– Settings screen
– diodes
– Deadly

To navigate the menu using the shutter button and the plus and minus buttons. If you want to enter a submenu fire button is pressed a lot.

You can use the setting mode to choose the mode of work:

– Power mod
– Ni Tc
– Te Ti
– Memory Game

Now, for example, if you want to change the settings in the power mode, you must click 3 times on the shutter button and select watts and hold the button for the shutter, you can adjust the power and quality, of course, you can adjust the power on the main screen with the plus and minus buttons.

You can also choose when the lights shine worn, it can be put to shine when vapeciga smok nfix kit , when the screen is on, or can be configured to shine all the time. Of course, you can turn off the lights.

Every time you change the atomizer, you are asked whether new or old reels and see the resistance of the coil before and a new coil.

Smok poison works very well in this chip is very nice and it was pretty accurate, I can not say a bad thing, the quality is good. The screen is bright and big and I loved it. Honestly, I want to use this mod with LED lights off, but I think people will love the features, looks good and interesting, sometimes I turn on the light and I admit, it looks amazing. I also like the fact that you can turn off the LED light, so if you love the features that you would use if you do not like, you can always turn it off, but you can not turn off the LED light inside the atomizer. If the LED lights up for the love of this mod.
Another advantage is that the balance in favor of charging models. In this device, you can manage all the mod has so many good features, even more than necessary, which is a big advantage. The device is also suitable for dual battery model and I really like the shutter button.


You can buy here: smok vape atomizer

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