Filaments is what? Several common fancy heat wire have?

Fancy heat wire is for ordinary fever wire, refers to by one or more heat wire produced by different ways of permutation and combination of heat wire. Fancy is to point to by fancy heat wire coil winding into the coil.

The characteristics of the fancy heat wire (coil) :

Fancy and heat wire coil is composed of many hot wire, so on the calorific value and the heating area is higher than that of ordinary heat wire or coil. while, for the taste and smoke these two aspects, different fancy coil has a different focus, such as common “clapton” to promote, while some complex compound fancy coil has a lot of improvement in terms of quantity of smoke, and carbon deposition can be repeatedly used after cleaning, longer life.

Fancy heat wire (coil) although the overall performance is superior to the ordinary coil, but due to the complexity of making comparison, the average user has the certain difficulty, it is difficult to homemade out specification of fancy fever wire, can only buy finished product use, convenient than ordinary heat wire.

Fancy heat wire size larger than normal heating silk, so on the choice of atomizer should match the atomizer of large space is used as far as possible, and, and because of its high calorific value, in the process of burning wire should pay attention to avoid high temperature melting atomizer insulation parts.

Common fancy heat wire (coil) usually has the following kinds:

  • Hank knotting.

By two or more heat wire twisted and become, can produce greater than single with the specifications of the heating wire smoke and more full-bodied palate, but according to the different heat of twisted silk produce all kinds of unexpected results.

Features: compared with the single heat wire resistance are lower, and cotton in the joint area is larger, the evaporation capacity of per unit time is higher, can make smoke more full, more rich, administrative levels feeling of the reserve is relatively good. The method that make is very simple, the player can be made by hand completely.

  • clapton fever wire.

By one or more heating wire as the inner core, external loose or tightly wound around root or more single of heating wire spring fever wire, fever is relatively slow, high heat, can increase the size and concentration degree of smoke. Fancy one of the basic techniques of heat wire.

Features: compared with the ordinary heat wire resistance difference is not big, strong sense of smoke particles, the palate is full, reduction and administrative levels feeling is good, shortcomings is the heating speed is relatively slow, need to increase the output voltage to increase the speed of temperature.

  • composite heat wire.

fancy by fever wire, or bending or wrapped or twisted or braided and add a variety of manual techniques of complex, in the form of fancy fever wire, clapton variations of heat wire.

Fancy heat wire usually have low resistance, large heating area, great heat. Composite design usually have very low resistance of heat wire, please players use carefully, and the width of the part of the composite heat wire fancy is very terror, can reach more than 2.4 mm, please make sure your atomizer wire lock hole can insert again to buy.

Filaments is above is about what? Common fancy hot wire several related introduction, this over here, this is filaments interpretation and classification of the word explanation, then we will also continue to various VAPE nouns parsing, welcome continuous attention!