DynaVap M 2020 Vaporizer

DynaVap M 2020 Vaporizer

Another year passed by and the new year means the DynaVap M 2020 is here!


I’ll be the first to admit Vapehop smoke shop

that we are big fans of the DynaVap M manual vaporizer here at VapeFuse.


We’ve been using it Eleaf istick vapehop

since 2017 and reviewed the M 2018 and 2019 and really liked them both.


I was stoked to get my hands on the new DynaVap M 2020. I have been testing it Wismec reuleaux vapehop

with much enthusiasm for the last few weeks. Let’s go through what’s new and how it performs.


The DynaVap 2020 New Packaging


DynaVap has moved away from the traditional colored plastic tubes and introduced a new VapCap shaped Vapehop joyetech vape

recycled cardboard package. I think it is awesome and makes it even easier to ship the vaporizer.


The plastic tubes were pretty cool  Vape pen Vapehop

and I still use them but the new package is surely more environmentally friendly.


Update to the Mouthpiece


If you use your Vape pen vapeciga  DynaVap regularly you’ll appreciate the new mouthpiece groove. The newly introduced groove seats the o-ring perfectly.


On previous versions of the M, the o-ring often went in too deep after a while. It was also a bit of a challenge getting it  Eleaf istick vapeciga  in place after pulling it apart for cleaning. This problem is solved, the DynaVap M keeps getting better and better.


The mouthpiece is tapered to fit any 10 mm glass piece.


New Chiral Airports for Calibrated Air Injection


The airport has gone through a very profound change in the DynaVap M 2020. DynaVap has been Wismec reuleaux vapehop

improving the airport over the years and the M 2019 last year made it highly emphasized and easy to find.



Breaking Down the Vapir Oxygen Mini: VapeFuse Review


This year the focus is on enabling you to apply very precise control of the air you pull in through the airport. I like how it looks, however, I haven’t felt much difference in terms of vaporizing and using the M 2020.


New Tactile Grip of the DynaVap M 2020


The DynaVap M 2020 comes with a brand new tactile geometry and it looks and feels great. The grip has been evolving over the years, however, this might be the most significant change to date. The grip is faceted and there are deep vertical cuts as well.


New Faceted Geometry Tip Now Featuring Adjust-A-Bowl


The tip has gone through a massive change as well for this year’s DyanVap M. One of the most obvious changes is the new faceted design with airflow serrations.


The tip of the DynaVap M keeps evolving year after year. The 2018 M had a triple helix, the M 2019 had serpentines and this year the tip is faceted with horizontal airflow serrations.


Having used the M models a lot over the years, I can confirm that the vaping experience is definitely getting better and the M is becoming a more and more finetuned vaporizer.


The new tip also comes with adjust-a-bowl capability. Now you can adjust the size of your herb chamber by the placement of the screen. This feature was preserved for the higher-priced DynaVap products… that is until now, 2020.


This is very cool, especially if you are micro-dosing or vaping smaller amounts in general.


Captive Cap


The DynaVap 2020 even got a VapCap update. The new VapCap comes with vertical grooves on both sides to help to keep the cap on firmer.



Airis Quaser Wax Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]


If you had problems before with the cap coming off on click or any other times you didn’t want it to, that should be all addressed with the new design.


Update After Using the M 2020 for over two months


I have been using the DynaVap M 2020 as my main portable vaporizer for over 2 months now. Following this amount of use, I thought I’d report back in this review how it is living up to the challenge. Firstly, I am just as much in love with it as I was the first time I used it. So far so good as they say.


The only thing that I struggled to get used to was the new airport. I often found myself not covering it properly and sucking in a fair amount of air with my draw. I find that the airport covers a little too wide of an area for my skinny fingers and perhaps I prefer the airport on the M 2019 or my beloved OmniVong. Having said that this is a small issue and not a deal-breaker in anyways. Overall I still believe that the M 2020 is the best M ever made.


Conclusion – Should You Get the DynaVap M 2020?


The DynaVap M 2020 has seen some of the most significant updates to this popular vaporizer. I have been recommending the M to many people and with the 2020 model, I think it is even better.


This is probably the best time to grab yourself this iconic manual vaporizer.


No More Waste – Ways to Re-Use Your Vaporized Dry Herbs

No More Waste – Ways to Re-Use Your Vaporized Dry Herbs

One of the most frequently receive questions from you, our VapeFuse Community members are:

‘So what do I do with the rest after vaping? Can I reheat it and use it again and again? Or just throw them away? ‘


fair question, we all want to get the maximum benefit from our herbs without any waste. Because we want to make sure every single vaping session was one of the outstanding, great taste, great quality steam, the right time, a happy face, and of course, we are very conscious of our money too.


The shift from combustion to evaporation in the consumption of dried herbs provide health-friendly solutions to get the best benefit from your medicine dried marijuana buds.


The coolest thing about vaping and vaporizers, as opposed to the smoke and burning, is that vaping your herbal cannabis allows you to take advantage of already vaped. How cool it is!


After learning about the value of AVB (herb has evaporated), many members of our society began collecting their AVB. And it began to build … a jar after another and a natural question arises – what do you do with your AVB?


Great question, let’s look into what you can do with marijuana that had evaporated.


Saving your AVB


First, let’s talk about how to keep your AVB to ensure it retains the goodness until you get to take advantage of it. Your best bet is to keep your buds have evaporated in the same way you keep your buds. Therefore the perfect glass bottle.


You do not have to worry about moisture control or anything though. Make sure you keep it airtight in a glass bottle away from direct light and excessive heat.


How to Use It evaporates Cannabis Buds


Now you begin to collect your AVB and know how to keep it, you need some ideas for making the most of it.


One question that we get regularly is if it is worth the effort to use your AVB altogether. Evaporation already extract more cannabinoids than smoking, is there anything valuable left in the pot after already vaped?


a reasonable question.


Let’s learn a little more about the medicinal value of the left and reuse of vegetation completely vaped.


The Medicinal Value of Herb Dried After Evaporation


Wondering if you can still reuse the heat and vaporize marijuana you? Well, yes and no.



Vaping attitude: The Smell of Truth About The Vaporizers’ and this Vapor Scent


After the dried herb vaping you, the rest of which has been activated for heating and extracted only maintain low concentrations of active ingredient. They can make fun, but not very intense byproducts.


For example, after experiencing medical marijuana evaporation, still containing cannabinoid therapy.


Cannabinoids level maintained in the bud already vaped varied by temperature is used to vaporize them. Extremely high temperatures can produce amorphous and crunchy pieces suitable for reprocessing.


lower temperatures ranging from 175 ° C to 190 ° C (350 ° F to 375 ° F) giving a maximum potential and is still a considerable number of cannabinoids can reuse.


When you yawn medicinal marijuana, the heat stimulates acid form of cannabinoids, such as CBDa and THCa to the CBD and THC.


Unlike combustion, vaporization only activating but not protein denaturation, so that all the properties of the original do not get eradicated or reduced.


vaporize cannabis may still save up to 20% to 30% of cannabinoids compared to the prior evaporation. Even if a large proportion of the active constituents get extracted from the herb for vaping, herbal has evaporated can still be used as an example for the brownies and all kinds of treats.


cannabinoid-infused edibles.


vaping fans do not mind using the ‘residual’ as an active ingredient for a wide range of

Reusing dry evaporated Herbs – Does Temperature Matter?


Once fully vaporize your favorite dried herbs, you can not get the original extraction of active constituents out of the residue you, because they have been discharged because of sponging off all active

Breaking Down the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape

Breaking Down the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape


I, and soon to be, your new favorite product of 2018 by far the most obvious Flowermate V5 Nano portable vape.


Flowermate has long held a special place in the hearts of the most vapers portable. With all the performance upgrades, this new device is simply a gift to vaping portable connoisseurs.


The device is equipped with so many upgraded functions compared to the previous PRO line V5.OS Flowermate portable, and is a manufacturer of the most user-friendly devices to date!


Aesthetics alone is something to marvel at. Whereas in the past this Flowermate resemble something like a garage door remote, a new line of V5 Nano, on the other hand, the super slick.


With the previous line of portables, Flowermate do our best to bring us devices are ultra-discreet, even has a few models, such as Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini, which doubled as a power bank!


Now, that uses herbs vape be much less taboo, Flowermate have made it their mission to design a perfect vaporizer for on the go use. Even small details, such as upgrading the look, have a ten-fold increase usability!


Other upgrade functions including black borosilicate glass funnel all-new, wider-set for easier maintenance and improved airflow.


The Flowermate V5 Nano is also the first device in the prestigious line of portables to be equipped with a removable battery!


2500mAh battery can be replaced for under $ 30 in store VapeFuse so you can take your sessions off-road for days at a time!


Included in the kit are:


1 x Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vaporizer

1 x Carry Pouch

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Packing Equipment

1 x Charging Aid

1 x Dose Cart

1 x Waxy Cart (to concentrate)

User Manual 1 x



Spotlight Product Flowermate


I can not stop raving about this little vape. Without further adieu, here we have it, Flowermate V5 Portable Nano vape Review!

The Hippie pipe To Vaporizer

The Hippie pipe To Vaporizer

In this post, we review the new brand of vaporizer users, called The Hippie Pipe.


We love it here in vaporizers analog VapeFuse and we are certainly not alone in how we feel. Battery-free vaping  Vapehop smoke shop

craze looks set to take over the world herbal dry vaping.


vaporizers users are not electronic components. Instead, you need to heat your herbs, usually with a powerful jet butane torch lighter.


We used the spray hose Hippie for about 3 weeks now and are willing to share with you our results.

The Hippie Pipe GridneROO Eleaf istick vapehop

Guidelines Herb Herbal Vaporizer with Grinder

Design Hippie Pipe


The Hippie Pipe vaporizer is quite unique. It is made by Hippie Vaporizers and this is their first vape users. They are famous for their Hippie Nano (and Nano +) vapes cartridge. We have tested several oil vapes Vapehop joyetech vape

their other well and look forward to trying The Hippie Pipe.


Table vaporizer pipe Hippie Black and Brown Wood


Pipe comes in a box with a simple but well designed. Here is a picture to show how it looks inside the box.


What is in the box


While we are talking about the case, let’s take a quick look at what is actually included in the kit.


The vaporizer tube Kit Hippie

You will get the pipe, pipe cleaner, some Vape pen Vapehop

replacement screen, four replacement o-ring and the initial guidance.


Once you get out of the box and check Hippie Pipe new exit, you will see that it is very modular. You can gently distribute the screws and pull Vape pen vapeciga

vape on whole apart in seconds. Additionally, you will end up with the bottom.



attitude vaping: The smell of the truth about vaporizers and steam fragrance

The spray hose Hippie dismantled


Let’s go quickly through each section.


First, the wooden handle is available in two different colors, light wood and dark. Both are made from real rosewood and felt great in the hand.

Second, you have a stainless steel parts, including Vape juice vapeciga

residential space, a funnel, a room with an installed steam pipe and spring.


the accommodation space comprises a carbon ring that connects to a wooden handle. This is to minimize heat transfer to the handle and make it less likely to burn. This section also features a black chrome preparation indicators. More on this later.


Then we’ll go through how it all works.


How to use Hippie Pipe Vaporizer

This pipe is very unique, but little Vape shops vapeciga similar in shape to a vaporizer DynaVap. Instead VapCap, you have a spring system that allows you to push the herb chamber for unloading.


Press the funnel to expose the room and pack spices.


Once you’re done, simply unplug the funnel to give way to slide back into the housing.


Heating Engineering


After that, you need a light jet to heat the end of the evaporator steel. Hippie Vaporizers recommends dual light jet flame for best results.


herbal heats with two flame jet


And above all, attention to the square black chrome indicator when you apply heat. Once the indicator begins to turn chrome, heated herbs and you are good you hit your pipe.


It is not known, click DynaCap, but you get used to it in no time.



Comments FX Wolkenkraft Convection + Dry Herb Vaporizer


We tried one light jet flame well and it seems to work just as well. It takes a few seconds to heat your herbs, but it works well.


It was not immediately clear exactly where you need to apply heat. Hippie pipe sprays suggest that you always hold and direct the light (s) to verify a piece of metal at the end.


The Hippie spray pipe end bite you hot


We also tried a technique of heating you use on a DynaVap. In other words, fire directly into the steel ring which houses the room and turn the device around a certain time.

For vaporesso you need to know these

vaporesso tank and IOA for DTL (lung immediately) after the test was not surprised with them and prefer the traditional model and the low steam tank Ohm DTL, so I have to admit I was not expecting too much of target PM80 – my kids are looking great surprise!

Vaporesso only introduces this kit with the following boast:

vaporesso gen 220w up this kit, although it was more than could boast, it is one of the DTL impressive I have ever tasted.

Keep taking Vaporesso to go to the official website:

SUB-OHM device performance PODMOD never met PM80 focuses on the target market, which is built with quality and small size, high capacity design.

2000 mAh battery can be obtained with a maximum power of 80 W and is equipped with the chip 0001 AXON Insta-fire, adding Vaping experience offers a powerful and intelligent. PM80 TARGET is a real evaporator OHM-SUB directly to the lung. ‘

The maximum power of 80W
GTX coil
0.96 TFT screen
intelligence involved
compact design
Now I rarely agree with most descriptions / official presentations, but just the side of the heart that can insist no sense you get into this review.

swag kits

Aqua evaporator
We roll with what’s in the box
Purpose Kit Vaporesso PM80 in the box

Battery 1 x VAPORESSO target PM80
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
linker 1 x
interest Vaporesso PM80 Kit Unboxing

He soon to impress, because it has many welcoming a second tank, which is a great professional. Also, two new GTX coil cleaning kit is designed to load (and firmware?) Micro-USB, which unfortunately is not USB-C, but it was not a big problem, a silicone plug curiosity in the airflow and the choice of color and eventually become a few pieces of cardboard that rarely read – is a sign of good kit if it is intuitive, and the user is the last option for me.

The battery has a nice look and feel, feels very solid and well made. Sequé pod attached to it and was surprised by the ease with which he started and directed their insurance with two magnets is not target pm80 pod. I feel very good in the hand, the same height as the stimulus Geekvape Aegis although a little smaller and more convenient.

102mm x 24.8mm x 33.4mm

Turby waters
Thus, after a review short, the battery is changed. He already has a partial load of 60%, so I think in the Lipo battery. I was surprised rapidly filled to the brim, it seems about 15 minutes and there was no time.

While the battery is charging, I turned my attention to the sheath (especially tanks), what they see and feel is very good, but the biggest pro-CLARO – in the past, a company that listens.

The benefits of storage tanks, two coils that can be treated with a juice with a rapid exchange sheath.

break goal Vaporesso PM80 Kit

target coil Vaporesso Kit PM80
Ice cutting
I Prima coils with a small cotton eLiquid slot and place it in the hole.

vaporesso gtx  are simply pulsed, the second floor is aligned research, combined with a flat edge at the opening, is very easy, because it can not be wrong because it would be in one of the positions.

It is produced by filling based on the silicone pod connector and the opening and closing. I use a 50 ml bottle of short fill not smooth and clean way level pipe and simple juice with transparent plastic.

problems of its more text that was really, ignition coils in the form and content of approximately one minute and tidy.

Vaporesso LUXE Mod & SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank Kit Review

Comments offer the work as evaporator Spinfuel always suspect in writing or video, unique users positive reviews, and “light,” which is checked. No mod, no tanks, always perfect. I have over 200 tanks and 150 mods seven years and although I am a little love, they do not like uniforms. Took some time to decide how these classifications Vaporesso Starter Kit with LUXE new tank SKRR sub-ohms and QF new roles, and regarding the resolution, I decided to go with my gut … otherwise said, because I started this year to equip give the best of an appropriate assessment. The murderer and SKRR LUXURY period.

vaporesso nano mod very good year. For a year now (in this review) Vaporesso at the top of the game before its name with CCELL (ceramic coils) and mod target. Vaporesso evaporator not mod LUXE High-Performance 220W output, low ohm 8 ml Supertank called SKRR to consolidate their position as a world-class manufacturer of all evaporator. Let’s see why this is one of the desired starting blocks.

the code almost perfect cheek and a very fast fire in 0001 seconds. The model also comes with a 2.5A LUXE Ultra charging technology loads only 1,5 shorter hours with 18,650 double-depleted cells. But it does not stop there.
XTRA AIO Kit is what has equipped with the most advanced version tips the OMNI 4.0 chipset. The Hi-Res, impressive color screen 2.0 “TFT (Spiral film transistor) which is sharper than Vaporesso (vote here) polar. There is much more to say about the LUXE model, including the use of an innovative touch screen, but before arriving there, I want some sub-Ohm about the reservoir.
vaporesso gtx Included with the Starter Kit is Vaporesso SKRR sub-LUXE Ohm with QF new water distribution system tank. With a capacity of eJuice and ultra-high performance ml coil, 8 ends, no SKRR lake to be surprised at the end of the list Ohm upper US tank (mid-December).

water distribution system short QF
vaporesso luxury mod is the most versatile tank with Vaporesso Arrow Ohm or other marks so far.

beautiful products and warm thrown by the distribution of airflow scents to create a distribution system of internal airflow steam Quad the perfect balance between a sense of loyalty and cloud.

innovative (and works in this innovative case “), these new technologies, and the possibility of eliminating the dreaded pin again. QF coil structure used to prevent the airflow control of fluid in ball shape by the end of the arrival of the droplets.


if vape has their eyes on this device again, here is a short single dose of Renova Systems Zero-vape qualify all you need to know about this amazing product Vaporesso, said:

The Vaporesso Renova Zero-aesthetic

The Vaporesso Renova Zero: Estheticians
As far as the vaporizer system pod away, Renova Vaporesso zero score important points for aesthetic sleek and elegant design. 74.9mm size of 40 mm to 16 mm, which took the super-compact choice for factual vapers your vaporizer on the progress of the situation. It fits comfortably in a pocket or purse without unnecessary weight or volume.The Vaporesso Renova Zero Aesthetics

However, do not assume that the small size and lightweight design means it is cheap; Zero Renova is made of high-quality polycarbonate/zinc alloy, the super to be durable and able to regulate the use of make. You can benefit from a generous variety of colors, including rainbow, arctic blue, black, and silver to choose from, making it easy to adjust the zero Renova your style.

filling a vaporesso tank here
Vaporesso zero user experience Renova

The Vaporesso Renova Zero: User Experience
Vapers’ appearance for a convenient dosage unit system does not break the bank, which Vaporesso Renova zero is the ideal choice. Although the price is very low, zero Renova variety of intelligent features that make the vaping experience they make a sweet and simple. small details like a tiny slot on the device and one on/off button make a big difference, which enables convenient handling and easy operation. This device must Vaper in mind, and includes great features such as low fluid detection, automatic temperature control, and a well-rounded suite of security protection.

One of the highlights of this system is Vaporesso pod pods replenished ZERO-function presents an innovative Press-to fill, mine is very easy and clutter. It contains 1.6 ml of e-liquid enough to give them vape session without forcing carrying a large device. LED battery indicator remains in a state of charge, while the built-in 650mAh battery much energy to come for the day. When it is time to recharge, micro-USB charging port frustrated too quickly to free the lock.The Vaporesso Renova Zero Performance

Vaporesso TARGET PM80

The Vaporesso Renova Zero: Performance
By the heritage of the Renova Vaporesso zero packs a serious punch when it comes to performance. This package includes a ceramic heating element coil AIO CCELL used consistently delivers tasty vape and prolonged life. You can enjoy your favorite e-juice flavor to their full potential without having to deal with a decline in quality that occurs with some other brands and types of coils. Another advantage of this device flexibility, so low as resistance 1.0ohm and runs from 7 to 12.5 watts in output by the DC.


Vaporesso Gen Mod | Super Sexy, Sleek and Simplistic

The Vaporesso Gen vape mod is from a brand that is known for developing solid products along with the very well performing Omni board with great power user options.

They have made some very attractive devices recently with the Luxe Nano and the Aurora Play to name just a few.

When Vaporesso releases a new product, with a new chip, well, it’s time to get a little excited. Or is it? Vaporesso GEN TC Mod Kit with SKRR-S Tank In Hand
What Can We Expect From The Gen Mod by Vaporesso
One thing is for sure, Vaporesso has certainly made a super sexy looking device in the Gen and it offers excellent power, super economy, and simplicity all rolled into one. Powered by dual 18650 batteries it is capable of up to 220W.

Vaporesso Gen In Hand

The Gen mod comes in 4 colors, Silver, Blue/Black, Black, and the color which I received, Red/Black. Let’s see if this has the potential to hit Vaporesso Swag Ⅱ VW Box Mod


 Vaporesso GTX One Vape Mod Colours
The Vaporesso Gen was sent to me for review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

What can we expect from Vaporesso PM80 Meta?

There is a clear distinction between “pods Kit” and “pod mods”, the first mouth tends to low-power devices such as lung Renova Vaporesso zero or as OneVape Lambo 2 to be.

Also, “Pod mods” as Voopoo Vinci Pro X or Smok RPM80 which tend to be much more robust and are usually the ones who are looking for directly into the lungs under Ohm experience.

P80 target Vaporesso see liquid
With a large amount of good and bad pod kits on the market, Vaporesso Meta PM80 is very firmly in the first category and is a good kit. This is a very attractive, comfortable, and hand comfort P80 target built-gut kit. Vaporesso
With up to 80 watts of power, has a bright color TFT screen is beautiful, and the Department of Defense has a large internal battery so for most power users will not be a problem.

Vaporesso this kit has called colors into being in a various attractive style.

Check the other systems we have reviewed pods.

What are my thoughts on the kit Vaporesso PM80 SubOhm goal?

Let’s take a look and find out!

These products were sent to me for a direct review of Vaporesso.

As always, thoughts and my views are my own sufficient for a trial period.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% with code ECC

In the box
Pod devise 2000mAh Vaporesso PM80 target
Objective 2 x Vaporesso PM80, 2 or 4 ml pods
Vaporesso GTX 0.2 Ohm Coil access Mesh
Vaporesso GTX 0.3 Ohm Coil access Mesh
Micro USB charging cable
replacement connector
operation manual
P80 target entire kit Vaporesso
Specifications and Features
Size: 102 × 24.8 × 33.4mm
Built-in battery 2000mAh
Output 80W Max
Compact and robust design
Display 96-inch TFT color
Control buttons
AXON chipset
Watt variable
Safety protection
Proprietary 4 ml peppers (2 ml within EU)
interchangeable coils
Installation is a simple coil
Suitable for high VG E-Liquid
Design and build quality
The kit is presented in a cardboard box, adjust the color of the device.

What are you can I have a green design for this check sent, the Ministry of Defense is well presented and the content of the standard kit is included.

Kit contents meta P80 Vaporesso
PM80 Meta Mod Pod Kit
Fully assembled, mod envelope comes from 33.4mm wide in 102 mm high.

In compiling the device mod a large bag in use, it is a robust and compact kit.

The body of the device is provided with the Kit pod cartridges 2 or 4 or 2, depending on the country delivered ml with 0.96 inch TFT display made of a light aluminum alloy.

Both the battery and pods / s have a very good quality, the design kit has also done with a great feeling in the hand.

P80 target Vaporesso 2 parts
An internal battery 2000 mAh, there is a maximum power of 80 W in 0.5

P80 80W high target Vaporesso
And end low power 5W.

Vaporesso target as 5W P80
The chipset is included with this device axon, which promises in 00.01s rapid fire.

With a view to the top of the unit or the pod bay, two small points of contact do spring gilding and two strong magnets.

P80 target Vaporesso pod bay
On each side of the pod bay, it will recognize three holes of airflow.

P80 target mod airflow Vaporesso
While the back of the device has a padded colored sticker.

P80 target padded Vaporesso Label
Also, Countdown mode, which is somewhat higher than the front, they form the shell in place to simply allows residual liquid to be seen.

Vaporesso form P80 lens body
The one side of the body that will see the marks and names Vaporesso mod.


Best vape pen weeds


All vaporizer pen in the world, this is the best 5

This support Barista robot with social distance

vaping concentrate has become much more popular in recent years, especially since the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. To vaporize marijuana concentrate in need of some warmth, something that will not be alone with a lighter in a position to do so.

SKY SOLO Plus Vape Pen Starter Kit - Vaporesso | DirectVapor

The only source of heat pipe can be hot enough to DAB is a torch, and (especially less back among us) for many of us, open a little too extreme. End with burns of third degree does not sound like our idea of ​​fun at all, and that does not even touch the fact that hauling around Dab rigging and the torch is not easy and discreet.

Vape pen – to the same electronic cigarettes – has emerged in response to this question (along with several other portable vaporizers) and has become very popular as a method of a patch on the trip. They fit in your pocket, providing long life without recharging and can not burn (well, usually). There are hundreds of options, however, and unfortunately, that means there is a lot of space on the shelves Vapes share valuable ugly. So to help you out, we had to wade through a maze of options. Read on to find out what you should consider.

The best: Elite Kandypens

Elite kandypens

Why you should buy this: a steady performance and recent price cuts have continued to rise last year in the upper selected part.

Vaporesso Osmall Pod Kit | vaping.com

Why was added to Kandypens Elite:

When the elite debut in 2017, is one KandyPens’ stop pin line. But also comes with an equally top-of-the-line priced at $ 140 ,. Now nearly two years, it was about $ 80 cheaper, and is to spend a good deal.

elite boats with two different coils, ceramic plates ceramic-coated with a heating element at the bottom, and another two quartz coated quartz rods. steam production is excellent, especially quartz spray and four different heat levels make very efficient use of concentrates and candles. While we are very concerned with many pins tested the elite (and especially the ceramic spool) is buttery smooth.


We are also very pleased with the battery, which is above average compared to other concentrates pin. The fourth stage of heating options we could choose our experience to find the optimum point may be different depending on the type and concentration of the experience you are after.

Vaporesso Podstick Kit | vaping.com

At the moment, we have the more traditional pen this year, it was found that the level so that the elite is still at the top of the list is the same performance. A word of caution though: we have encountered with long-term use, the coils do not lose performance / or stops occasionally and so expect to have to replace the coils elite once a year to continues to work well.

Why are the Aurora doctor takes dabber:

It might be a bit of a drop of even the most experienced cannabis users become daunting: it really is a completely different world. For those looking for a permanent place to start looking, Aurora is as simple as it gets. Instead of threaded parts joined together, all these magnetic platform. You can switch between the coils literally in seconds. funnel (comes with two: the traditional round and ribbed versions) are nonmagnetic, but still easily removable and replaceable.