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All vaporizer pen in the world, this is the best 5

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vaping concentrate has become much more popular in recent years, especially since the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. To vaporize marijuana concentrate in need of some warmth, something that will not be alone with a lighter in a position to do so.

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The only source of heat pipe can be hot enough to DAB is a torch, and (especially less back among us) for many of us, open a little too extreme. End with burns of third degree does not sound like our idea of ​​fun at all, and that does not even touch the fact that hauling around Dab rigging and the torch is not easy and discreet.

Vape pen – to the same electronic cigarettes – has emerged in response to this question (along with several other portable vaporizers) and has become very popular as a method of a patch on the trip. They fit in your pocket, providing long life without recharging and can not burn (well, usually). There are hundreds of options, however, and unfortunately, that means there is a lot of space on the shelves Vapes share valuable ugly. So to help you out, we had to wade through a maze of options. Read on to find out what you should consider.

The best: Elite Kandypens

Elite kandypens

Why you should buy this: a steady performance and recent price cuts have continued to rise last year in the upper selected part.

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Why was added to Kandypens Elite:

When the elite debut in 2017, is one KandyPens’ stop pin line. But also comes with an equally top-of-the-line priced at $ 140 ,. Now nearly two years, it was about $ 80 cheaper, and is to spend a good deal.

elite boats with two different coils, ceramic plates ceramic-coated with a heating element at the bottom, and another two quartz coated quartz rods. steam production is excellent, especially quartz spray and four different heat levels make very efficient use of concentrates and candles. While we are very concerned with many pins tested the elite (and especially the ceramic spool) is buttery smooth.


We are also very pleased with the battery, which is above average compared to other concentrates pin. The fourth stage of heating options we could choose our experience to find the optimum point may be different depending on the type and concentration of the experience you are after.

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At the moment, we have the more traditional pen this year, it was found that the level so that the elite is still at the top of the list is the same performance. A word of caution though: we have encountered with long-term use, the coils do not lose performance / or stops occasionally and so expect to have to replace the coils elite once a year to continues to work well.

Why are the Aurora doctor takes dabber:

It might be a bit of a drop of even the most experienced cannabis users become daunting: it really is a completely different world. For those looking for a permanent place to start looking, Aurora is as simple as it gets. Instead of threaded parts joined together, all these magnetic platform. You can switch between the coils literally in seconds. funnel (comes with two: the traditional round and ribbed versions) are nonmagnetic, but still easily removable and replaceable.

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