For vaporesso you need to know these

vaporesso tank and IOA for DTL (lung immediately) after the test was not surprised with them and prefer the traditional model and the low steam tank Ohm DTL, so I have to admit I was not expecting too much of target PM80 – my kids are looking great surprise!

Vaporesso only introduces this kit with the following boast:

vaporesso gen 220w up this kit, although it was more than could boast, it is one of the DTL impressive I have ever tasted.

Keep taking Vaporesso to go to the official website:

SUB-OHM device performance PODMOD never met PM80 focuses on the target market, which is built with quality and small size, high capacity design.

2000 mAh battery can be obtained with a maximum power of 80 W and is equipped with the chip 0001 AXON Insta-fire, adding Vaping experience offers a powerful and intelligent. PM80 TARGET is a real evaporator OHM-SUB directly to the lung. ‘

The maximum power of 80W
GTX coil
0.96 TFT screen
intelligence involved
compact design
Now I rarely agree with most descriptions / official presentations, but just the side of the heart that can insist no sense you get into this review.

swag kits

Aqua evaporator
We roll with what’s in the box
Purpose Kit Vaporesso PM80 in the box

Battery 1 x VAPORESSO target PM80
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
linker 1 x
interest Vaporesso PM80 Kit Unboxing

He soon to impress, because it has many welcoming a second tank, which is a great professional. Also, two new GTX coil cleaning kit is designed to load (and firmware?) Micro-USB, which unfortunately is not USB-C, but it was not a big problem, a silicone plug curiosity in the airflow and the choice of color and eventually become a few pieces of cardboard that rarely read – is a sign of good kit if it is intuitive, and the user is the last option for me.

The battery has a nice look and feel, feels very solid and well made. Sequé pod attached to it and was surprised by the ease with which he started and directed their insurance with two magnets is not target pm80 pod. I feel very good in the hand, the same height as the stimulus Geekvape Aegis although a little smaller and more convenient.

102mm x 24.8mm x 33.4mm

Turby waters
Thus, after a review short, the battery is changed. He already has a partial load of 60%, so I think in the Lipo battery. I was surprised rapidly filled to the brim, it seems about 15 minutes and there was no time.

While the battery is charging, I turned my attention to the sheath (especially tanks), what they see and feel is very good, but the biggest pro-CLARO – in the past, a company that listens.

The benefits of storage tanks, two coils that can be treated with a juice with a rapid exchange sheath.

break goal Vaporesso PM80 Kit

target coil Vaporesso Kit PM80
Ice cutting
I Prima coils with a small cotton eLiquid slot and place it in the hole.

vaporesso gtx  are simply pulsed, the second floor is aligned research, combined with a flat edge at the opening, is very easy, because it can not be wrong because it would be in one of the positions.

It is produced by filling based on the silicone pod connector and the opening and closing. I use a 50 ml bottle of short fill not smooth and clean way level pipe and simple juice with transparent plastic.

problems of its more text that was really, ignition coils in the form and content of approximately one minute and tidy.

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