Review of dovpo mvv squonk basium nickel topside

Vapeciga dovpo squonk of sourcemore received the purposes of this review.

– Bronze
– Rainbow
– Black
– The corrosion of iron

Specifications and features:

– Diameter: 25 mm
– E-juice Capacity: 2 ml (standard glass) / 6 ml (glass bubbles and bubble tubes)
– Coil Type: Single and double coil bobbin
– Charging method: Top filling
– air circulation system: low adjustable air flow
– Material: Stainless steel 304
– Subject: 510

– 242 ° air flow of inner coil great flavors right
– Support the double coil or single coil building
– Glass 2 ml and right 6 ml glass bubble
– a double diffusion delicate balance of air flow
– Easy filling Top Design
– Bottle opener included
– Available in 4 colors: black, silver, metal gun and rainbow

In the box:

– glass bubbles tube
– bubble tubes Ultem
– Accessory bag
– Manual
– Bottle opener

BLOTTO average atomizer is designed in collaboration between Dovpo and vaping Bogan. The spray comes in 4 different colors, I received black atomizer. Show new dovpo mvvr average is that can be used in a dual coil configuration, but you can also use this single coil configuration is that it is really good.

This package is good, in the package, receive ordinary glass tank and get a glass of bubbles and bubble tank Ultem really good. In the package, you also receive a bottle opener that you will be able to use to measure the length of the primary coil.
atomizer build quality is good and everything is as it should be, it seems both the quality of the color. In the upper eyelid, you can see some details that helps when you want to remove the top cover, the same details that we can see at the bottom, in the room can see the engraved logo and background you can see the information standard of the atomizer and serial number.

Atomizer comes with a drip edge 810 preinstalled. Personally, I really like the design of the drip, drip tip is short and has a big hole which I personally prefer. If you do not like this turn drip into the atomizer, you can use the other end of the 810 gently down.
This is the atomizer over the filling and here we have a locking system that well personally, all you have to do here is change a little hat, so you can remove it. In the upper eyelid, you can see the detail that helps when you want to remove the hat when the top cover is removed, you can see two holes large filling, so the spray will be unfilled problem is really good. In addition, filling syringes will not be a leak.

With the atomizer, you receive 3 tanks were really good. Therefore you receive regular glass tank and the tank capacity is 2 ml. In the package, you will receive two tanks bubbles, a glass and the other tank is a tank of Ultem. 6 ml capacity tank bubbles whose capacity is very good and I belive many bubbles will glass tank capacity, I prefer to use glass bubbles in the spray tank. My very good quality spray tank in place when the base so that the coil can be changed or cotton is removed, while still have the liquid left in the tank letter.

In the bridge, you can see the four screws and 4 slots for the child dovpo basium click in. The screws are good and I have no problems with screws. When you look at the construction of a bridge, you can see the design is very interesting and you can see the air flow is very interesting.

As you can see in the air strike coil atomizer almost everywhere, they are very tasteful. It is also good that creates a kind of air flow inside the honeycomb. Given the design of the construction of the bridge here, you can go with two coils or can go only with the coil, and what is important here is that the spray actually works very well in the configuration of a single coil.
media construction very easy, if you want to go with the two coils can be used corkscrew in the package to measure the wire coil and then be able to put a coil. If the two coils, I can suggest a 2.5 mm coil. As already said, the atomizer may be a single coil construction, in this case, I suggest that the coils of 3.5 mm.

Basically, you can see the air flow control ring and has honeycomb air flow is very good here. controlling the flow of air in the ring spray works very well and can easily adjust the airflow and set aside, it will be the same on the other side. Because the air flow into and out of the atomizer very subtle honeycomb air flow is very good, I really like the flow of air to the atomizer is.

Regarding performance, the use of a single coil and dual coil RTA RTA. I ran 5 based on it. Construction doubles ID 4mm round wire coil, 4 mm ID Coil unique construction of luxury, ID 3 mm double-coil construction, luxurious, luxurious 1 double-coil 2.5mm ID, construction and assembly of 3 mm round coil wire ID. RTA dual coil as flavorwise found less overall compared to many good people in the market today and even some older ones. It was good to wire around the building, but if the wireless towers use, but even so, it was surpassed by many others since. Where can I find this works better to build a large luxury single coil. Once again it was still not as good as in 2017 or even the selection aromamizer Lite FSA in 2019, but still better than many single-coil RTA 2018. Probably not the best, but it is one of the best options that you can find now. So overall, it was less like a double blow, but good for round wires, but as a single reel with the luxury of a single coil, I’m not as versatile as well.

This is dovpo nickel get code than the flow of air RTA 26 smaller round holes each side is on the air flow and the air flow in a style “ramp”. It is a vaporizer limited DTL is completely open. AFC, but despite much grip is my first complaint about the quality of the FSA.

It is always very difficult to solve and to start really stuck and would not change for me every time. Fortunately, I was stuck open, but still full. It should be easy to adjust and not so tight.

The top of the cap screw standard filling up to expose two hole filling. Not even a full wipe, a quarter turn to blow what I like. If it has done right there and easy to open and close. The holes are filled is full size and can be filled with any type of bottle or can simply pouring a glass bottle. There is also a series of accessories that come with it, unfortunately, is treated with a drop of clear finish despite opaque containers 810 with a metal tip. It looks good, but I hope that includes two ends and 510. However, the adapter must be good and a lot of 81- ends must take this ATR. It also comes with three 2 ml standard glass vessels and 6 ml glass bubbles, and glass bubble color 6ml Ultem. I like the third choice of the tank. They understand that replacing three odd O-ring. Overall, the figures obtained, but in this case, only the top of the cup, one for the background and one for the end of the droplets. some O-ring would be nice, 4 spare screws also display and filtering tools. It would be better if carried out in a cotton roll and good, but it is not a major problem and can also cause dizziness cut would be fine. Also included are bottles shaped skull beer Bogan open lol cause. bottle opener is not greater than the mouth is used to open a small bottle too thin, but I really am. As anyone who has used all types of emergencies, such as boxes opening and soaking and other bottles and caps lock you can not complain about too corkscrew.

How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:

And the average BLOTTO is atomizer that comes in this very interesting package is very good, which includes corkscrew and completely bubble that includes two tanks in the package, but the package does not receive the roll is against the construction of quality atomisation is very good, good machine and is not interested in a good atomizer.
Fall drop that comes with AVG BLOTTO very convenient to use. Top Fill works well here, filling a big hole and you will not have a problem with the bottle.
Tank capacity bubble is very good and a lot of willpower and a capacity of more than 6 ml good. Through simple construction, the two coils can be easily arranged here and coils easier. If you are with the two coils it can be used as a bottle opener in the package fun coil. As I said in my opinion sprayers dual coil configuration that works best with a coil of 2.5 mm and if you want to go with a single coil, I think it works very well with the coil of 3.5 mm. It is very important to correct the axis and if it does not always escape. The spray air flow is very good and really air flow, the flow of very thin air, also something I personally prefer limited.

This spray works very well in a vapeciga dovpo topside, but also works very well with a coil. Try the atomizer is excellent in both configurations. steam production wells and a dense steam.

And average BLOTTO is an atomizer that I recommend, especially if you like atomizers Limited little dl, I advised in this case, because the air flow is very smooth, good taste and the atomizer has a capacity which is very good and it is very robust. This is undoubtedly one of the best in my opinion atomizers.


– No coils in the package


– the reservoir 3 in the package
– Bottle opener
– Good build quality
– it works very well in a dual coil configuration and a single coil
– easy to build and shaft
– No leakage
– 6 ml capacity
– beautifully designed bridge
– airflow style honeycomb
– The good taste
– dense vapor
– Practice Tip
– You can change the coil when the liquid in the tank mail
– the conception of love I

You can buy here:dovpo

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