Solving skills, e-cigarette leakage, and new friends to collect!

Today, received a novice e-cigarettes friend to ask to do “” electronic smoke leakage, and general response in the face of such problems is not satisfactory, after all, different oil spill situation have different solution, let’s look at the @ vapeciga WeChat group of the guys how great god is action. Behind small make up, of course, will be continued for everyone on the different problem solving skills.

So, in addition to the above the oil situation, what is known as the oil?Under normal circumstances, the liquid smoke never normal outflow channels, such as glass by atomization storehouse lateral, cloud bottom seat, such as cigarette holder lateral abnormal channel leakage, belong to the scope of the spill.Otherwise things will be mistaken for a leak, the smoke in the fluid inlet conditions.But the situation of oil in the occasionally inhaled smoke cigarette holder mouth does not belong to leak phenomenon, this is usually gathered steam atomizing¬† condenses water, solution: cigarette holder down throw legacy liquid, then with a paper towel to twist into a rope into rotation is wiped dry.No, again change atomization core solution directly. This usually out on a novice, many for the first time to use e-cigarettes don’t know how to control the e-cigarette is easy to cause the suction mouth smoke fluid, the same e-cigarette veteran with very few appear this situation. By true smoke into the e-cigarette is a coaches in private cars, with speed of the throttle and didn’t bring speed conversion between the throttle, attention should be paid to the strength of the foot, the various factors, need time to adapt, to understand e-cigarettes.Bole and swift horse, is a kind of wrong, in fact the two are at the same time some, but need time to the tacit understanding. Do not meet the normal phenomenon of surprise for oil spills, the real oil spill isn’t such a leak.

So, how to solve the “electronic smoke oil?”

1, in use, the use of e-cigarettes correct posture to battery rod end downward sloping, and cannot become warped up smoking!

2, plus smoke fluid and to 1.3 ML is the best, the highest never 1.6 ML (electronic smoke cabin on a scale)

3, such as this way no problem, change to show the core solution. Reason is that the individual atomization core rope carefully, lead to too fast into the smoke fluid, change namelyCan be.

4, smoke fluid from Canada at method’s wrong from the beginning to the end, didn’t see smoke fluid video demo.

5, in the end, there is a situation is: some people unscrew battery pole, not holding e-cigarettes in the middle of the metal threaded screw, but seize the atomizer glass capsule twist, lead to the atomizer glass between warehouse and thread be turned on or after unscrewing to get hand oil .

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to have a taste or want to smoke?

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to possess a taste or want to smoke? Today I tell you under g dish peng mini core principles of matching cloud, “a lot of individuals within the use of g dish peng mini host, then know that clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer, is to settle on the taste or smoke? This problem is worth our consideration, now take a glance at clay peng mini matching atomizer core principles.

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to possess a taste or want to smoke? Mr Peng mini matching atomizer the core principles of checking out for you.

With the clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer, you’ll choose the taste and smoke, so now take a glance at the detailed g dish peng mini matching atomizer core principles.Mr Peng mini matching atomizer core principles: to smoke or to taste?Great smog of clay peng mini matching atomizer.Type not just taste it, the large smoke atomizer, clay peng mini still are often done easily. Subtank mini cloud: 0.5 ohm resistance atomization core, with 30 w, smoke quantity Kevin! Or Atlantis atomizer: 0.5 ohm resistance atomizing core, 30 w.
Of course, when electricity isn’t much, the smoke volume are going to be smaller. That’s why you usually doubt installed atomizer, smoke smoke is inferior to others within the same atomizer big? 0.1 w – you’ll adjust this point , allow you to find their own taste, every 0.1, the regulation of the smoke and taste have slight differences, does one it might be easier to seek out their own part .

Mr Peng mini matching atomizer “taste type”

Struggle with players do not know the way to matching atomizer, it’s recommended to use nautilus mini zero, the atomizer in ensuring the taste more adapter box at an equivalent time, with Mr Peng mini may be a piece of my heart, in my hand is additionally very beautiful, the novice is suggested .
Nautilus atomizer: 1.6 ohm resistance, 9-13 w, or 1.8 ohms E value, 11-15 wd is preferred;Also can match k4:1.3 ohm resistance atomization core, 10 to 13 w taste good too!Above is that the clay peng mini matching atomizer the core principles of taste or smoke related introduction, clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer is here, hope this clay peng mini matching principle of atomizer article bring help to you.